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 On March 13, 2014, we found out that my husband, Dale Burrell had Acute Myleod Leukemia.  He was admitted to Wake Forest Baptist Cancer Center immediately.  After 2 rounds of chemo, 3 bone marrow tests, and 43 days, my precious husband crossed over the chilly waters of death, and went home to be with the Lord.  For two days before he died, he saw the Lord in his room.  I asked him if he wanted the doctors to treat him any more, and this is what he said. "I am seeing the Great Physician, why do I need a doctor?"  He had pneumonia, kidney failure, and heart failure.  He wanted to bow before his Lord and Saviour, Jesus, Christ.  Brother Dale always said he wanted to wear out rather than rust out.  And that's exactly what he did.  He had suffered affliction in his body for many, many years, and although it is very hard and sometimes overwhelming, I must draw strength from my heavenly Father now, and trust him to lead me through this extremely difficult time.  I know that he will.  Pray for me brothers and sisters.  The Lord had impressed upon us to write a book about the marvelous ministry that God had given us.  So now I have a task ahead of me and I covet your prayers as I attempt to write of the wonderful and amazing things that God allowed us to see and witness these past 20 years.  Being without the love of my life is like nothing I have ever been through.  A great man of God has passed off the scene and I wish everyday to leave this world, but Brother Dale told me time and time again, that I was to continue in the fight and not quit.  A month has passed and I cannot see too far ahead of me right now.  The book of Psalms has been a great comfort and help since his death, and my future is step by step at this point.  As the Lord leads, I will update our website as to the direction that I go.  Again, I ask that you pray for me.  God bless you all. 

In His Glorious Service,

Sister Lois Burrell 


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