Because Jesus Lives, there is Hope
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Welcome to The Alabaster Box, a website designed for those who have come through trials in life and are broken.  My name is Lois Burrell.  I and my husband had a ministry to troubled children for nearly 20 years together. Because of personal tragedies and afflictions in our own lives and of those whose burdens we shared, we remained broken in body, in mind, and in spirit.  The Lord used our brokenness to help others during that time.  The season of my greatest sorrow and brokenness came in the Springtime of 2014, when the love of my life, and the very breath in my soul, my husband Dale, crossed Jordan's chilly river.  I remain a broken vessel.  The Lord continues the molding upon His wheel of my life adding a little pressure here and a little water there. Some days I hear the sweet melodies that my Saviour sings to me as the rhythm of the wheel turns. Some days are dark, and the wheel is still but the Potter's hands remain on me and holds me firm against the base of the wheel so I will not fall. In the end, I don't know what I will be.  I don't know how I'll be used. But I know that in my brokenness my Lord will make me over for His use and for His glory and that's comfort enough for me.  Won't you join me as I journey through the turnings on the wheel and we discover what God has for us? 



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